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Chordn electric understands that your needs are specific to your own design. To ensure that these requirements could be tasted, we chordn electric develop the most complete product portfolio. Now we are organized into seven strategic business units. Global unified quality standard is the only magic weapon that our products win the favor of customers and continuous innovation can always provide our customers with premium and advanced products.

Our products:

A series of automatic control components conduct or disconnect electricity according to the working environment, then the equipment can operate in its ideal working temperature and save energy. These innovative and high efficient components are widely used in consumer goods or industrial sectors.

Our power protection products are used to cut off the line safely and to protect discrete components or the whole line correctly when occurring circuit errors. Or we can say, protection against overload and short circuit in electric equipment,  protection against short-circuit of semiconductor parts and equipment and protection of motors.

Commonly known as SSR, used to control all types of loads in many industries. The four major application areas are industrial heating and temperature control, lighting control, loop control and motor control.

Used to measure and display power consumption in  many automation applications in the manufacturing sector. They are evolving rapidly, and different solutions and architectures are required to meet diversified requirements.

Chordn electric is dedicated to provide process control instruments for industrial use like data acquisition IO module, recorders and network communication products. Our products are used in automobile, pharmaceuticals, chemical, etc.

  • Electromechanical relays

Chordn provides various electromechanical relays in 6 different types and each with multiple sizes for extremely wide application. Our products are compatible to wide control voltage, different contact types and switching power. Standard with environment protection(halogen-free) is adopted.

  • Monitoring relays

Our monitoring relays are mainly used to monitor the phase sequence-loss, over-undervoltage and current of the power supply system. When the system fails or exceeds the set value, the relay will alarm and output. These monitoring relays are fitted with standarded 35mm DIN-rail mount housing, easy to install.

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