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Low voltage general purpose fuses - AG

Chordn AG time-delay midget fuses are rated 690VAC and are offered in ampere ratings from 0.5A to 125A. They have 12 seconds time-delay at 200% rating to provide supplemental protection of small transformers and other high inrush loads, plus many other  690V applications (Not for Branch Circuit Protection).                

: IEC ferrule fuses are available in physical sizes and amp ratings for system voltages of 690VAC.
Class: gG / gL                                                   
IR: 100KA
Agency information: IEC60269 CE 

Reference Rated voltage Rated current Dimension Characteristic Standard
AG10 690VAC 0.5A-32A 10×38mm gG CE
AG14 690VAC 2A-50A 14×51mm gG CE
AG22 690VAC 10A-125A 22×58mm gG CE
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