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Medium voltage fuses - Potential Transformer Fuses

They are small dimension ferrule type fuses and mount in standard clips. Current ratings are from 0.5A to 10A. 

Volts: 3.6-36KV
IR: 50KA                                   Agency Information: IEC 60282 CE

  Features & Benefits 

  • Ferrule mounting for standard clips and interchangeability with other brands of fuses
  • Current-limiting for superior equipment protection
  • High speed fuses
Reference Rated voltage Rated current Dimension Characteristic Standard
AT361 3.6KVAC 3.15A-10A 25x195mm / CE
AT551 5.5KVAC 0.5A-5A 25x142mm / CE
AT721 7.2KVAC 3.15A-6.3A 25x195mm / CE
AT1201 12KVAC 3.15A 25x195mm / CE
AT1551 15.5KVAC 0.5A-5A 25x254mm / CE
AT1751 17.5KVAC 3.15A 25x359mm / CE
AT2401 24KVAC 3.15A-10A 25x359mm / CE
AT3601 36KVAC 0.5A-5A 25x359mm / CE
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