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Fuse holders - Medium Voltage Fuse Bases

Medium voltage fuse supports, non-disconnecting, are used primarily in potential transformer circuits, or where  there is some other disconnecting or isolating devices in  series with the fuse in the circuit.  It should be noted that  disconnecting switches are not load-breaking devices. Therefore, the circuit must be open prior to the fuse disconnection. Select either a fuse support or a disconnecting switch for each fuse. Fuse supports and disconnecting switches include live parts for both ends. Both fuse supports and fuse disconnect switches can be mounted vertically or horizontally. 

Amp Rating: 6.3-315A
Voltage: 7.2KVAC-24KVAC                                                     Agency Information: IEC 60282

Reference Poles Rated voltage Rated current Series/Size Standard
ARH-315 1 12KVAC 315A AR723 CE
ATH-6.3 1 7.2KVAC 6.3A AT361/AT761 CE
AEH01-125 1 12KVAC 125A AE722/AE723/AE1202/AE1203 CE
AEH02-100 1 24KVAC 100A AE2402/AE2403 CE
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