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Low voltage general purpose fuses - D0 Type fuse links

Chordn D0 fuse-links, also called Diazed type fuses, rated voltage 440VAC, with 50kA or 100KA interrupting rating. The series is available in three different sizes, 01, 02 and 03 and fit into special screw caps. 

Class: gG/aM                                     IR: 50KA/100KA
Agency information: IEC 60269, DIN49360CE 

Features & Benefits

  • Insulated body suitable for high mechanical and thermal impacts 
  • Top and bottom contacts made of nickel plated or silver plated copper alloy 
  • Safe cut-off short circuits and over currents due to special design of fuse element 
  • Clear indication of operation condition due to coloured indicator on top contact
  • Low power dissipation
  • Optimized size
  • Resistant to aging

Reference Rated voltage Rated current Dimension Characteristic Standard
AG 440VAC 2A-100A 01/02/03 gG CE
AM 440VAC 2A-100A 01/02/03 aM CE
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